Surveys and Photogrammetry Manual

This manual provides a written account of how certain activities are performed and is designed to guide and assist in performing these functions. When appropriate, there may be deviations from these written procedures due to changes in personnel, policies, interpretation, law, experimentation with different systems, or simply evolution of the process itself.

Chapter 18 - For 90-1 Surveys
Chapter 18 - For 90-1 Surveys Appendix Revision Date Type
Part 1 FIELD DATA COLLECTION   11/17/2005 pdf file
Part 2 FIELD DATA COLLECTION   11/17/2005 pdf file
Part 3 FIELD DATA COLLECTION FORMS   11/17/2005 pdf file

Chapter 19
Chapter 19 Appendix Revision Date Type
Consultant Survey   01/13/2016 pdf file


Chapter 20
Chapter 20 Appendix Revision Date Type
Procedure for Creating Right of Way Plats   04/29/2014 pdf file


Chapter 21
Chapter 21 Appendix Revision Date Type
CADD Editing Standards   11/19/2015 pdf file


Survey Manuals
Survey Manuals Appendix Revision Date Type
NDDOT Survey Manuals Memorandum No. 01-2008   03/10/2008 pdf file
As Built   01/11/2007 pdf file
Data Collection   03/10/2010 pdf file
  Appendix A 02/22/2007 pdf file
  Appendix B 02/22/2007 pdf file
  Appendix C is no longer supported. See Appendix I of the CADD Standards manual   pdf file
  Appendix D 02/22/2007 pdf file
  Appendix E 02/22/2007 pdf file
  Appendix F 02/22/2007 pdf file
Design to Construction Survey Automation   03/10/2008 pdf file
GPS Operations   03/10/2008 pdf file
Online Positioning User Service (OPUS)   02/22/2007 pdf file
Robotic and Conventional Total Stations   03/06/2008 pdf file