North Dakota Motor Vehicle Plate

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Plate

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Sunrise Plate

The issuance of the new Sunrise Plate is taking place through the regular motor vehicle renewal process from 2015 to 2017.

The flat plate design includes actual photographs taken in our state of a buffalo, the state’s beautiful skies and majestic badlands.

North Dakota's plate design won second place honors in the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association Best Plate of 2015 Contest.

The type depicting the state's name was modified in 2016.

1. When did the state change the plate?

2. Why did North Dakota change the license plate?

3. When will I get the Sunrise plate?

4. How much will the Sunrise plate cost?

5. Can I get my plate before my renewal period?

6. Can I keep my number or letters from the former Buffalo plate?

7. Can I reserve a plate number?

8. I have a low number plate, will I be able to keep this number, when the new plates are issued?

9. What do I do with my old plate(s) once I receive the new one?

10. Special Request Plates/Personalized Plates

11. Plates that will not be affected at this time include:

12. Will other specialty plates be affected at this time?

13. Will organizational plates still be available?

14. Will Motor Carrier plates be replaced?

15. How do I get plates showing updated font/lettering of the state's name?

16. Why was the North Dakota font/lettering updated on the Sunrise plate?

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