Grand Forks New Southside Interchange

Grand Forks New Southside Interchange

What is the proposed project?

In 2017, the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks MPO completed an I-29 Interstate Operations Study to identify current and future traffic operations and evaluate potential solutions for addressing traffic needs. One of the primary areas of concern identified during this study was at the 32nd Avenue interchange and along the 32nd Avenue corridor extending to the east. The study looked at numerous alternatives and configurations for improving roadway operations at the 32nd Avenue interchange, but ultimately concluded that construction of a new interchange in south Grand Forks would be the most cost-effective solution for fixing long-term congestion on 32nd Avenue and addressing future traffic needs as Grand Forks continues to expand to the south.

The current Grand Forks – New Southside Interchange project is intending to study potential alternatives, including location and configuration, for a potential new interchange in south Grand Forks between 32nd Avenue and 62nd Avenue. This project is anticipated to conclude with the selection of a preferred alternative and issuance of environmental and interchange approval from the Federal Highway Administration.

Public Input Meetings

June 1, 2022


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Map of Project Area

Map of the Project Area

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Mike Huffington
Consultant Project Manager
Ulteig Engineers, Inc.
   Michael E. Johnson, P.E.
NDDOT Project Manager