I-94 Mandan & Bismarck Expressway

Project Details

  • Road construction work on Bismarck Expressway and I-94 through Mandan has begun.
  • The 13 mile stretch of work will take place on I-94 east and west bound from exit 147 west of Mandan to the Grant Marsh bridge, including work on Bismarck Expressway from Washington street in Bismarck west to I-94.
  • Construction is expected to be completed in late fall, 2019.
  • I-94 and Bismarck Expressway will be open for traffic at all times throughout the process, traffic lanes will be reduced to one lane in each direction.
  • Speeds will be reduced to 45 MPH in work zones.
  • 11 foot width restrictions will be in place near McKenzie Drive, Memorial Highway and Eastbound I-94 (exit 156)
  • A height restriction of 15' 6" will be in place on Eastbound I-94 (exit 156)

News and Traffic Updates

UPDATE May 10:
West bound travelers can expect the lane closure already in place at exit 153 to be extended an additional 1.5 miles to just west of exit 152(Sunset Drive). Similarly, for travelers heading east bound, the lane closure will now begin just west of exit 152(Sunset Drive) and extend to the three-lane section of the Interstate.

All other lane closures will remain unchanged.
Read entire May 10th press release.

Lane Closure on Interstate 94 Grant Marsh Bridge to Begin Monday

The Grant Marsh Bridge on I-94 between Bismarck and Mandan will reduce to one lane for west bound traffic on Monday. The outside lane will close so crews can repair barriers on the west end of the bridge. The lane is expected to remain closed for approximately one week.
Read entire April 26th press release.

Beginning at approximately 8:00 pm Wednesday and ending at approximately 8:00 am Thursday westbound traffic on I-94 will be detoured from the Interstate at exit 153 (Mandan Ave.). Traffic will be diverted to the off ramp, across Mandan Ave, and then onto the on-ramp to return to the Interstate.

The detour is required to repair asphalt shoulders that will be used as roadway next week when bridge work will be done.
Read entire April 24rd press release.

As early as Wednesday afternoon travelers using the I-94 interchange to head southbound from exit 156 onto the Bismarck Expressway and travelers northbound on Bismarck Expressway to connect to I-94 should be prepared for traffic to be reduced to one lane in each direction (head to head) and reduced speeds until further notice.
Read entire April 23rd press release.

Beginning Tuesday, April 23 travelers using I-94 eastbound can expect traffic to be reduced to one lane for approximately 250 feet as they approach the west end of the Grant Marsh Bridge. One lane traffic near the bridge is expected to last approximately four weeks.
Read entire April 22nd press release.

Road construction on I-94 through Mandan has started. Crews will begin additional lane closures near the Mandan Ave. and Burlington Northern Railroad Bridges on Wednesday, April 10. Expect traffic to be reduced to one-lane with reduced speeds for west and east bound traffic. A 17 ft width restriction will also be in place at the Mandan Ave bridge at Exit 153.
Read entire April 9th press release.

Motorists are encouraged to use the zipper merge on the I-94 Man-Bis Expy Project . Use both open lanes until the point of the lane reduction. Then take turns, left-right, merging into one lane, coming together like the teeth of a zipper. The zipper merge has been proven to move 15% more traffic through a construction zone.

Project Maps

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project map

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