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08/15/2022 10:45 AM

NDDOT reminds harvesters to store hay clear of highway right of way

BISMARCK, N.D. – Harvesters haying state highway ditches are reminded to place hay bales at the outer edge of the right of way to maintain a safe, clear zone for the traveling public.  

“We’re grateful to farmers for keeping motorist safety in mind,” said Brad Darr, NDDOT maintenance division director. “Ensuring the state highway right of way is clear is another simple but effective way to help keep motorists safe on the road.” 

North Dakota Century Code 24-01-12.1 prohibits hay from being placed in the right of way except on the outer edge. Large round bales must not be placed on inslopes or within 60 feet from the outside edge of the driving lane.  

When bales are observed in a prohibited area, a district engineer may request that the hay be removed, if the owner can be determined. Any bales not removed promptly may be disposed of or destroyed to ensure safety for the traveling public. 

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David Finley