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08/28/2020 02:25 PM

North Dakota receives over $34 million in Federal Highway redistribution funding

North Dakota is receiving $34.4 million of additional federal funding this month for transportation projects as part of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FWHA) annual August redistribution.

The redistribution dollars represent federal transportation improvement funds that were allocated, but not used by others.

“We are investing nearly $400 million in infrastructure projects across North Dakota this year, and these additional dollars will help us move forward with more projects that will improve our state’s roads and bridges for residents, visitors and industry,” said Gov. Doug Burgum.

“The $34.4 million is the largest amount we have received in additional funding from FHWA’s annual redistribution process,” said North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Director Bill Panos. “The additional federal funding enables us to move some state, city or county projects ahead sooner than originally planned.”

Over the past five years, NDDOT has received approximately $107.2 million from the FWHA annual redistribution.

Each summer, FHWA redistributes unused funding for infrastructure programs to projects that are able to utilize the funding before the end of the federal fiscal year.

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