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05/29/2019 02:57 PM

ND Hwy 20 Devils Lake Underpass Update

The final phase of construction on the ND Highway 20 Underpass project in Devils Lake will begin June 3rd.  This phase will require Hwy 20 to be restricted to one lane controlled by a traffic control signals at 6th St. Vehicles will need to follow the lights and take turns to get through the intersection.  It also requires a closure of 6th St. at the intersection of Hwy 20 and 6th St. Follow traffic detour for 6th St. Pedestrian traffic will remain open; the east side Hwy 20 pedestrian traffic will be detoured around the work zone.

Detour Routes

  • Hwy 20 North & South Bound
    • Limited to one lane controlled by light signals at 6th

Pedestrian Routes

  • East side will be detoured around the 6th work area, follow detour route.

The Devils Lake Underpass Project has many phases that will require numerous changes to traffic and pedestrian flow patterns. Motorists should reduce speeds, follow signs and know that traffic control will frequently change throughout the duration of the project.

For more information about construction projects and road conditions throughout North Dakota, call 511 from any type of phone or visit the Travel Information Map on the NDDOT website at You can also find more information about the Devils Lake Project on our new Facebook page

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