Office of Project Development


The Bridge Division performs the structural analysis and designs and prepares the plans for bridge projects on the state highway system. Bridge Division is also responsible for bridge inspection and management of North Dakota State bridges.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Bridge and Road Hydraulic Analysis
  • Bridge Rating
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Drainage Permits
  • Overload Permits
  • Bridge Damage Assessment

State Load Rating RFP

Supporting documents for RFP listed below.

RFP for In-Depth Inspections PCN 22603 & PCN 23525

Supporting documents for RFP listed below.


The Design Division’s primary responsibilities:

  • Develop concept reports
  • Plans and specification for construction projects on the state and federal highway system
  • Develop environmental documents and obtain federal approval
  • Provide CAD support
  • Prepare right of way plats
  • Coordinate and conduct all aerial photographs and surveys
  • Utility coordination on state highways
  • Maintain design policies in Design Manual
  • Provide technical support for design consultants

Environmental and Transportation Services (ETS)

The Environmental and Transportation Services Division provides support and allied services necessary to carry out the project development activities within the Department.

The Division is comprised of five sections, which include:

Environmental Services

The Section performs wetlands services such as, delineations, development of mitigation sites and banks, and monitoring of mitigation sites and banks. In addition, the Section is responsible for tracking environmental commitments to ensure compliance for impacts related to highway construction projects. The Section also completes the necessary project permitting associated with federal and state requirements.

Cultural Resource Services

The Section performs archaeological services, inventories, mitigation, and monitoring of historical sites, and monitoring of construction projects to ensure compliance. The Section also provides tribal consultation, agency coordination, and completes the necessary project permitting associated with federal and state requirements.

Right of Way Services

The Right of Way Section provides services related to the acquisition and management of all real properties necessary for highway purposes including, highway right of way, rest and recreation areas, and tracts of land necessary for the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of scenic beauty adjacent to the state highway system.

The Section also administers the highway beautification program including outdoor advertising and junkyard control.

Consultant Administration Services

The Consultant Administration Section performs solicitations for consulting engineers to perform preconstruction and construction engineering for NDDOT. The Section interviews and negotiates with the consultants on the scope of work and contract fee.

In addition, the Section processes payments and maintains current status of preconstruction engineering contracts, maintains consultant expenditures, and compares these costs with the Department's budget allocation for consultant services.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Section develops the Department's Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Supplement Specifications, Special Provisions, Value Engineering for construction projects and other associated engineering studies.

Technical Services is the Department's liaison with tribal governments on Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) issues and negotiates agreements with TERO offices for department projects on reservations.