Pavement Management


Reccomendations and Results

dTIMS makes project recommendations based off of different budgets, triggers, resets, and deterioration rates. It also runs a 20-year analysis that not only recommends projects over those 20 years but also tracks deterioration of data elements such as IRI (Ride). The deterioration of IRI over the 20-year analysis period can then be graphed and used by management to tell the story of what will happen to the DOT’s network of roadways if additional funding isn’t available.

The 20-year recommendations are also given to the Districts to be used as a tool when setting their priorities each year.  

The dTIMS recommendations are presented to Management during the STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program) briefings. During those briefings, the analysis is also compared to the projects in the STIP to see what percentage of projects match.

Using the Freight and Personal Mobility analysis, dTIMS is used to produce NDDOT’s Freight Constraints Map annually. The Freight Constraints Map can be found under “ND State Freight Plan Resources” on the NDDOT webpage or by using this link: NDFreightConstraintsMap.pdf