Pavement Management


Pavement Condition Data Collection

Approximately 8600 miles are collected, using the van shown above, annually starting in late summer. All 4-lanes are collected both directions every year and the 2-lanes alternate directions each year. The van is also used to collect special requests such as possible flood detour routes and research projects.  

All roadway data is collected and processed in accordance with NDDOT’s Data Quality Management Plan.  

Some of the data collected is:

  • Ride
    • Measurement of road smoothness using the International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Rutting
    • A depression or groove worn into a road by the travel of wheels
  • Faulting
    • The difference in elevation across a transverse joint or crack
  • Cracking
    • Refers to a variety of pavement distresses that occur on the surface of different types of pavements
The data collection vehicle has a forward-facing and right perspective camera. The images taken by those cameras are downloaded and used by NDDOT engineers.

Forward Facing and Right Perspective Camera - Pavement Data

forward facing camera

Down View Image

right perspective camera - pavement data