Business Support

Audit Services

The Audit Services Division is responsible for performing and overseeing Internal Audit functions, such as an annual DOT Inventory Review, annual review of physical inventory of NDDOT fixed assets and inventoried materials as required by NDDOT policy and North Dakota Century Code. They are also responsible for Motor Carrier Program Audits and Federally required audits of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Program (IRP) registered North Dakota based motor carriers.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division takes care of workforce planning development, personnel policy development, department human resource guidance, employee orientation, recruitment and selection of employees, the performance review process, records, and training.

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Information Technology

The Information Technology Division is responsible for all automated devices – hardware and software, and other technology support, information processing, internet and intranet development and maintenance, and Transportation Building physical security and maintenance.

This Division is also responsible for records and form management, microfilming and scanning, internal mail and printing services.

Other responsibilities include information technology research, system and data security, system development and support, network support, technical training, NDDOT radio infrastructure, equipment and support, and technical support for RWIS – Road Way Information System, WIMS-Weight In Motion Systems, ADR-Automatic Data Recorder, DMS-Dynamic Message Systems, AVL-automatic vehicle location and automated bridge de-icing devices.



State Fleet Services

The State Fleet Services Division manages the fleet of government vehicles and oversees liability and property damage insurance, and the risk management program.

Vehicle Auctions