Director for Administration

Audit Services

The Audit Services Division is responsible for performing and overseeing Internal Audit functions, such as an annual DOT Inventory Review, annual review of physical inventory of NDDOT fixed assets and inventoried materials as required by NDDOT policy and North Dakota Century Code. They are also responsible for Motor Carrier Program Audits and federally required audits of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Program (IRP) registered North Dakota based motor carriers.


The Communications Division is responsible for providing information to the public and NDDOT team members in a compelling, accurate, motivating and transparent way.

The team works with all NDDOT divisions and districts to strategically communicates with the public a variety of ways, including through social media; public meetings; letters to the editor; appearances on local TV and radio talk shows; media interviews; ads and notices in newspapers; presentations to various civic and local government groups; events; news releases on key issues and events of public interest; speeches; photographs; and videos.

The Communications Division creates and maintains positive relationships with media across the state and, because of this, is able to work with the media to communicate both ongoing and time-sensitive messages to the public.

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Financial Management

The Financial Management Division oversees budget, accounting systems, payroll, audit, procurement, and other money-related matters. Finance uses a variety of tools to show how the money is distributed.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Division takes care of workforce planning development, personnel policy development, department human resource guidance, employee orientation, recruitment and selection of employees, the performance review process, records, and training.

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Legal Division’s responsibilities include:

General Counsel legal services

The Legal Division provides general counsel legal services and advice concerning day-to-day operations of the Department and assures Department compliance with state and federal constitutions, laws, administrative rules, and regulations.

Litigation support

The Legal Division coordinates pending and ongoing litigation for the Department.

Legislation and Administrative Rules

The Legal Division is responsible for monitoring and analyzing bills during the legislative session. Legal Division also assists the Department with drafting legislation and promulgating administrative rules and regulations.

Administrative Hearings

The Legal Division is responsible for providing hearing officers for administrative hearings for the Department. The hearing officers process and conduct Drivers License and Motor Vehicle Divisions’ administrative hearings.

Contracts and legal documents

The Legal Division provides contract development, negotiation, drafting, and administration assistance.


The Legal Division functions as a resource for units of local government.