NDDOT Smartphone Application

smartphone appWelcome to NDDOT’s smartphone application. The app is intended for use with smartphones to view information on the Travel Information Map. This app is not to be used while driving. For a quick overview of the road conditions within North Dakota, select one of the pre-determined map/text views for information that you are interested in. Advanced options will allow users to add/remove map layers, save favorites, identify features, search by keywords in the Text Version and select Common Routes.

Adding the ND Roads icon to your home screen:

Click the arrow button (3rd button) on the bottom toolbar with Safari.
In the dialog box, click on “Add to Home Screen.”
Change name to ND Roads and click “Add.” The ND Roads icon will be placed on your home screen.

Bookmark the page and change the name to ND Roads.
Open the browser “Bookmarks” screen.
Tab and hold the bookmark you want.
Select “Add to Home Screen” to place on your home screen.

Scan the QR code to be redirected to the app.

Click here for app

smart app qr code