Divisions and Districts

Divisions and Districts

NDDOT Director

The NDDOT Director manages the entire department and is responsible for spending highway funds. By state law, the director's funding priorities are maintaining the existing highway system and matching all available federal aid for highway construction and reconstruction.

Deputy Director for Engineering

The Deputy Director for Engineering provides leadership and direction for all engineering services of the department, and directly oversees the eight districts in the state.

NDDOT Districts

The state is divided into eight districts. Each district is responsible for managing construction projects, performing roadway maintenance, mowing ditches, and keeping the roadways free of snow and ice in the winter.

Office of Operations

The Office of Operations is responsible for: Maintenance, Construction, and Civil Rights divisions.

Office of Transportation Program Services

The Office of Transportation Program Services is responsible for four areas: Planning and Programming, Local Government, Strategic Business Planning.

Office of Project Development

The Office of Project Development is responsible for developing projects involving roadway design, bridge design, and all material requirements incorporated in those projects.

Deputy Director of Driver and Vehicle Services and Business Support

The Deputy Director of Driver and Vehicle Services and Business Support is responsible for the non-engineering divisions.

Driver and Vehicle Services

Business Support