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This site contains resources that can be used for preparing environmental documentation, design exceptions, and District plans. These resources are working versions and are updated as needed. The Master SOV list usually needs to be supplemented with project specific information. Corrections to addresses are sometimes required. Please feel free to make recommendations to improve the Master SOV list and send revisions to the NDDOT Environmental and Transportation Services Division. Any other questions or input should be sent to the NDDOT Design Division.

Design Exception Form

Design Exception Form
Resource files Type Revised
Design Exception Form Word icon 1/09/2017

Legal Display Advertisements and Press Releases


NDDOT Environmental Document Covers

NDDOT Environmental Document Covers
Resource files Type Revised
Document Cover Color Codes pdf icon 10/17/2016
EA Cover for ND Hwy Word icon 2/27/2008
EA Cover for US Hwy Word icon 2/27/2008
EA Cover for Interstate Word icon 2/27/2008
FONSI Interstate Hwy Word icon 2/27/2008
FONSI ND Hwy Word icon 2/27/2008
FONSI US Hwy Word icon 2/27/2008

Noise Information

Noise Information
Resource files Type Revised
NDDOT Noise Policy and Guidance (2011) pdf icon 3/30/2012
Noise Analysis Template Word icon 6/24/2015
Type 1 Project Determination Word icon 11/07/2012

NEPA Documentation

Solicitation of Views Resources

Utility Coordination

Environmental Information (Chapter 2 Section 4 Appendix)


Appendix A Wetland Report Examples


Appendix B Wetland Resources


Appendix C Permit and Authorization Examples


Appendix D Check Lists


Appendix E Miscellaneous Resources


Appendix F Forms

Safety Reviews


Guidelines (Section I-06) pdf file
Plan Preparation Guide
Cultural Resources
Standard Drawings

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