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This site contains active design memorandums. Design memorandums will be developed to provide manual revisions, supplemental information, or new information. The design memorandums will remain active until superseded or included in the Design Manual. Users are encouraged to report errors or omissions that they encounter when using the manual. Also, recommendations for additions to the manual are welcome. Users wishing to recommend changes or additions should complete the form provided in Appendix I-03A and submit it to the following for processing:

Office of Project Development

Any questions regarding the content, publication, or distribution of these memorandums should be referred to: NDDOT Environmental and Transportation Services Division

Design Memorandums
  Design Memo No. Subject Approval Date Superseded by Memo No. Affected Section(s) of Design Manual
  5-2006 Programmatic Categorical Exclusion 10-26-06   Section II-05
  4-2006 Design Exception Request 9-6-06   Section I-06.06 and Appendix I-06 E
  3-2006 Programmatic Section 4(f) Agreement 2-9-06   Section II-05.05.02
  2-2006 "This memo has not been approved yet"      
  1-2006 Programmatic Environmental Check Document for Seal Coats and Programmatic Preventive Maintenance Projects 1-26-06 5-2006 Section II-05
  11-2005 Certification Page for Stamps 10-17-05   Section II-03.10 and Design
Memorandum No. 06-2005
  10-2005 Determination and Disposition of Roadway Ditch Wetland Mitigation 10-13-05   Section II-03.10 and Design
Memorandum No. 06-2005
  8-2005 Revisions to NDAC TITLE 28 for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 10-18-05   Section I-11.02
  9-2005 Topsoil Provided for Covering Sloughs 7-06-05   Section III-04.05
  6-2005 Determination and disposition of roadway ditch wetland mitigation   10-2005 Section II-03.10 and Design
Memorandum No. 06-2005
  5-2005 Wetland and Tree Review Guidance 4-04-05   Section II-03.10
  4-2005 Solicitation of Views Letter to the United States Army Corps of Engineers 3-30-05   Section II-04.01.01 and
Section II-05.05.06
  3-2005 Preventive Maintenance - Revised Cost Effective Guidelines 3-30-05   Section I-06.05 and
Appendix I-06 C
and Section II-05.04.03 and
Appendix II-05 G
  2-2005 Deep Fill Areas (Fill Greater than 10') Including Box Culverts in Deep Fill Areas 3-30-05   Section III-14.06 and Section III-15.03 and Section IV-02.08
  1-2005 Slope Staking Reports and Profile Elevations 1-27-05   Section III-04.05 and
Section III-06
  3-2004 ADAAG Detectable Warnings (Truncated Domes) 9-22-04   Section III-21.08
  2-2004 Incidental Items 2-06-03   Section III-21.08
  1-2004 Sedimentation Control 1-07-04   Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook
  10-03 See Design Memorandum 3-2004 10-14-03 3-2004 Section III-21.08
  09-03 "This memo has not been approved yet"      
  08-03 Design Speeds
07-25-03   Section III-02.
  07-03 Continuous Milled Rumble Strips 05-30-03   Section III-03.02
  06-03 Recovery Approaches 05-06-03   Section III-02-
  05-03 Primary Design Criteria for NHS System 04-10-03   Section III-02
  04-03 Step to Address Projects with ITS 03-07-03   Section II-05
  03-03 Design Exception Guidelines 03-04-03 4-2006 Section I-06.06
  02-03 Preventive Maintenance Project Concept Reports 01-22-03 1-2006 Section II-05
  02-02 Shoulder Strip Guidelines 05-07-02   Section III-06.04
  02-01 Preventive Maintenance Cost Effectiveness Guidelines 02-19-02 3-2005 Section I-06.05 and
Appendix I-06 C
and Section II-05.04.03 and
Appendix II-05 G
  01-03 Preventive Maintenance Guidelines 12-03-01   Section I-06.05 and Appendix I-06 C
  01-02 Wetland and Tree Guidance 11-14-01 5-2005 Section II-03.10
  01-01 Rural Interstate Design Speed 09-17-01 02-2003  


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