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1. I have just moved to North Dakota. How do I get a North Dakota title and license plates in my name?
SFN 2872 Application for Certificate of Title & Registration of a Motor Vehicle must be completed in full and signed by the owner.
• Out-of-state title must be submitted with completed application. If vehicle is financed we must have a completed application form, with name and mailing address of lienholder, loan account number, and copy of the out of state registration. Any motor vehicle excise, use, or sales tax paid at the time of purchase will be credited.
• If your vehicle is titled with Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, or any Canadian Province excise tax will be due on the current market value of the vehicle.
• License fees are based on the year and weight of the vehicle.
• Title transfer fee is $5.
• Abandoned Disposal fee is $1.50.

2. I am from out-of-state working in North Dakota. How do I get a permit to work in your state?
3. I’ve lost or mutilated my North Dakota title. How do I get a replacement?
4. How do I add/remove a lien on a North Dakota title?
5. When does a vehicle need a damage disclosure statement?
6. Do I have to use my legal name when applying for a title?
7. I am in the military and have just been assigned to North Dakota. How do I title and license my vehicle in North Dakota?
8. I am in the military stationed overseas and have just been assigned to North Dakota. How do I title and license my vehicle in North Dakota?
9. I am a North Dakota resident for all purposes and I am currently stationed out of state. How do I title and license my vehicle in North Dakota?
10. I was deployed and am now returning to North Dakota, my vehicle has been in storage and I would like to take it out of storage. What will I need to do to renew my North Dakota registration for this vehicle?
11. What are the fees for a temporary license?
12. If I have purchased a vehicle and paid the taxes on my new vehicle in another state will I need to pay them again in North Dakota?
13. How do I transfer ownership of a vehicle as a gift from (wife, husband, parent, child, brother, sister)?
14. How do you remove a name from a North Dakota title when it is in two names or if one owner is deceased?
15. I have recently inherited a vehicle, how do I change names on the title?
16. My vehicle was awarded to me through a divorce. How can I obtain a title?
17. I have recently bought out my lease how do I change the title to my name?
18. I am a North Dakota dealer and have a title that is completely full. How can I get a title in my dealership name?
19. I am an enrolled tribal member. Do I have to pay taxes when I purchase a vehicle?
20. I am a disabled veteran what will I need to obtain the DAV license plates and tax exemption?
21. Can I maintain my current insurance policy issued in my previous state of residence?
22. How is the expiration date of my vehicle registration determined?
23. When I sell my vehicle am I required to keep my license plate(s)?
24. Do I need to title and license my trailer?
25. When is an IRS Form 2290 required?
26. Why is an odometer disclosure required?
27. What vehicles are exempt from odometer disclosures?
28. What is required on an odometer disclosure?
29. What forms can be used for an odometer disclosure?
30. When is an odometer disclosure required?
31. How old does my vehicle have to be to qualify for Antique or Collector plates?
32. How many license plates do I have to display on my vehicle?
33. I purchased a vehicle in North Dakota. How do I get it to my home state to register?
34. What vehicles are required to carry a liability insurance policy?
35. I was recently married. How do I change my name on my North Dakota title?
36. I have recently formed a partnership or corporation how do I transfer my titles into that company name?
37. I recently registered my vehicle in North Dakota and then moved out of state. Can I get a refund on the unused portion of my registration?
38. I moved out of state and just received my renewal. What should I do?
39. How much sales tax do I pay when I buy a vehicle?
40. I have recently dissolved my partnership or corporation. How do I transfer my titles out of that company name?
41. How do I obtain a North Dakota title for a homemade trailer?
42. Who qualifies for mobility impaired parking privileges?
43. How do I title a vehicle I own that does not have a title?
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