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04/13/2020 11:24 AM

Drug Recognition Experts: Driving High Is Impaired Driving - Even on 4/20

Driving under the influence of cannabis or other mind-altering substances is dangerous and illegal. April 20 (4/20) is a popular day among marijuana users to get high. While there are many theories as to why 4/20 has become a counterculture celebration, Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) agree: don’t drive high.

The perception that marijuana will not adversely affect your driving ability is a myth. It has been proven that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana slows reaction times, impairs cognitive performance and makes it more difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane. It’s important to remember if you feel different, you drive different. Driving while impaired by any substance is illegal and can be deadly to the driver, passengers and other road users.

DREs warn if you choose to drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, law enforcement will remove you from the road.

“Whether you are using marijuana illegally, or you obtain it legally for medical purposes, don’t use it then drive.” Said DRE State Coordinator Tarek Chase. “You place yourself and others at risk when you drive while impaired. Law enforcement is looking for it every day but especially on 4/20 because we know people celebrate by getting high.”

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