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09/21/2018 03:50 PM

NDDOT accepting applications for Transportation Alternative Program

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is accepting applications for Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program projects for federal fiscal year 2020 and 2021.

TA provides funding for projects that include:  1) Pedestrian and bicycle projects; 2) Safe routes to school and safe routes for non-drivers projects; 3) Conversion and use of abandoned railroad corridor projects for non-motorized users; 4) Construction of turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas along roadways; 5) Community improvement activities including:  preservation and rehabilitation of operating historic transportation facilities, vegetation management practices in transportation rights of way, archaeological activities relating to impacts from implementation of a transportation project, streetscape improvements, and corridor landscaping; and 6) Environmental mitigation projects.

Eligible project applicants include:  1) City and county governments; 2) Transit agencies; 3) Natural resource or public land agencies; 4) School districts, local education agencies, or schools; 5) Tribal governments; and 6) Any other local or regional governmental entity with responsibility for or oversight of transportation or recreational trails.  A nonprofit applicant needs to partner with an eligible project applicant to submit applications to the NDDOT.  Cities above the 5,000 population, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Transit Agencies, or Federal and State Agencies may apply directly to the NDDOT.  Cities below the 5,000 population must apply through a Board of County Commissioners.

All projects within the jurisdiction of a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) need to be submitted to the MPO by their respective deadline for MPO approval and submittal to the NDDOT.

To learn more about TA, including funding guidelines and instructions, go to the NDDOT web page at  TA applications are to be submitted to the NDDOT by December 31, 2018.  If you have questions or need assistance with the application process, please contact Pam Wenger, Local Government Division, at (701) 328-4787.



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