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North Dakota Department of Transportation News Release. Toll Free: 1-855-NDROADS (637-6237)
07/21/2017 04:56 PM

Litter fine on ND Highways to increase August 1

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) would like citizens to know that beginning Tuesday, August 1, if you litter or dispose of cigarette butts on a North Dakota highway, you will face a much higher fine than in the past.

 During the last legislative session, House Bill 1311 was passed and raises the fine for littering on a publicly maintained roadway from $100 to $500. The NDDOT and NDHP would like to remind motorists about the dangers of improperly disposing of cigarettes out the window of a vehicle, especially during dry conditions, as it can easily cause a roadside fire which can be catastrophic.

Please set an example for others by not littering and do your part to make North Dakota a better place to visit and live by following some simple tips.

 Litter prevention tips:

1.    Keep a litter bag in your car and hang on to litter until you find a garbage receptacle.

2.    Large or heavy items should be firmly secured with solid straps, rope, bungee cords or netting. Tie large items directly to your vehicle.

3.    Cover loose, lighter items such as tree clippings with a sturdy plastic or canvas tarp or netting. Tie the tarp securely to the vehicle, or it might become road debris as well.

4.    Put lighter weight things at the bottom of the load and make sure they are secure. Evenly distribute the load to prevent it from sliding.

5.    Keep material level with truck bed or trailer unless tied down, netted or tarped. Materials below the truck bed should also be secured if there‚Äôs any chance of them blowing out or falling from the vehicle.

6.    Double check your load if possible to make sure it is secure at the back and on the sides and top. Remember that loads can move and settle during a journey, allowing restraints to loosen.

The NDDOT has an Adopt-A-Highway Program to help with litter control and supports efforts of the Keep North Dakota Clean organization in its education program and annual poster contest to prevent litter. To see 2017 poster entries go to


North Dakota Department of Transportation, 608 East Boulevard, Bismarck, ND 58505