Buckle Up

What could you do in less than 3 seconds to save your life?

Seat Belt Buckle
Answer a text message. Probably not lifesaving.

Study for the biology exam. Definitely takes a lot more than 3 seconds.

Wear a seat belt. Without a doubt!

This is what we know. Wearing a seat belt is one of the best habits you'll ever have.

If you weigh 125 pounds and are in a crash at 30 miles per hour, your body will hit the inside of your car with a force of 3,750 pounds if you're not wearing a seat belt. Do you think you'll walk away? Perhaps, but likely with serious injuries. Or, you may not live through it.

What are some excuses people use for not wearing a seat belt?

"It will mess up my clothes."
A crash when you're thrown around the car will make them worse.

"That's what the air bag is for."
The air bag is designed to work along with the seat belt, not to replace it.

"I don't need to wear them unless I'm on the Interstate."
Really? Multiply your body weight by the speed you are driving. That's the force that you'll hit the inside of the car with, if you stay in it. And your chances of living if you're thrown from the vehicle? Not great.

"If there is a fire or if I fall into the river, I'll never get out of the car."
Less than 1% of all crashes end up in this situation.

"I only need a seat belt if there is a lot of traffic."
Most crashes are single car crashes, and do not result from heavy traffic.

Everyone in the car needs to wear a seat belt, every trip, every time.

3 seconds to save your life!

In less than three seconds, you can click your seat belt and save your life if you're in a crash. If you get in and out of your car ten times a day, that's still just a minute every day to help you be safer on the road

As a teen, your life is just beginning. Statistics tell us that many teens are not buckling up when they get in a vehicle.