North Dakota State Rail Plan

About the Plan

Work on the North Dakota State Rail Plan is underway to update the current rail plan from 2007 and enhance statewide rail safety to meet growing transportation needs in the state.


Several partners are working together on the plan including:

North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT)
North Dakota Department of Commerce (NDDC)
North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC)
North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (NDDES)
North Dakota Pipeline Authority (NDPA)
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI)


Plan Focus

Ensuring safe rail transportation
Providing consistently reliable, diverse Class I, short line and passenger rail service
Rail service expansion and economic development opportunities
Funding future rail improvements
Understanding and defining the role of the state of North Dakota in rail transportation


Get Involved

More information is coming soon on the public events and public survey.



North Dakota State Rail Plan Briefing Presentation pdf file
North Dakota State Rail Plan Open House pdf file
Regional Stakeholder Workshops pdf file
Progress Update
Stakeholder and Public Participation


Contact Staff

Email: Contact State Rail Plan Staff


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