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Williston District Minot District Devils Lake District Grand Forks District Fargo District Valley City District Bismarck District Dickinson District

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NDDOT Districts
Bismarck District
Beaver Bay-52 mi S of Bismarck  
Beaver Lake State Park, 17 mi SE of Napoleon 701-452-2752
Cenex-Bismarck, S Side of I-94, I-94 Exit 157  
Cenex Gas Station-Sterling, I-94 Exit 182  
Cenex Gas Station & KOA Campground-Bismarck, N Side of I-94, I-94 Exit 161 701-222-2662
Country West Conoco-N Side of I-94, I-94 Exit 157  
Cross Ranch-12 mi SE of Hensler 701-794-3731
Fort Abraham Lincoln-7 mi S of Mandan on Hwy 1806 701-663-4015
Glen Ullin City Park-Glen Ullin, I-94 Exit 108 701-348-3795
Graner Park-16 mi S of Mandan 701-667-3363
Lake Sakakawea State Park-1 mi N of Pick City 701-487-3315
Lone Steer Campground-Steele, I-94 Exit 200  
Rolling Hills Gas Station-W of Mandan, I-94 Exit 147  
Rud's Standard Oil-New Salem, I-94 Exit 127  
Sakakawea Park Campground-Stanton 701-745-3202
Stamart, Oasis Truck Stop-Bismarck, S Side of I-94, I-94 Exit 161  
Sunset Tesoro-Mandan, I-94 Exit 152  
Devils Lake District
Cenex Truck Plaza/C-Store-near the Jct of US 2 & ND 3, Rugby area 701-776-6220
Edmore City Park 701-664-2425
Farmers Union Oil Company (Cenex West)-Intersection of Hwy 19 and US 2 701-662-4014
Grahams Island State Park-15 mi SW of Devils Lake 701-766-4015
Harvey West Side Park 701-324-2604
Hillman Inn & Campgrounds-near the Jct of US 2 & ND 3, Rugby area 701-776-5272
Hi-Way Amoco-near the Jct of US 2 & ND 3, Rugby area 701-776-5346
Stump Lake Nelson Co Rec Area-12 mi S of Lakota 701-296-4561
Dickinson District
Beulah Bay-Lake Sakakawea 701-873-5852
Bowman Haley Dam-8 mi S of Bowman & 5 mi E  
Butte View Campground-2 mi E of Bowman on Hwy 12 701-523-3896
Cenex Museum General & Cenex General Store-ND 22 Interchange,I-94 Exit 61  
Dakota Water Resort-Lake Sakakawea, 15 mi N of Beulah  
Hazen Bay-Lake Sakakawea 701-487-3474
Killdeer RV Park-Lake Sakakawea 701-764-5295
Skunk Bay Campground-14 mi NE of Mandaree  
Fargo District
Chahinkapa Park Campground-Wahpeton, 701-642-2811
Dead Colt Creek Rec Area-6 mi E 0f Lisbon 701-683-4150
Flying J truck Stop-Fargo, I-29 Exit 62  
West Fargo Fairgrounds-West Fargo, I-94 Exit 342  
Petro truck Stop-Fargo, I-94 Exit 348  
Lindenwood Campground-Fargo, I-94 Exit 351  
Sandager Park Campground-Lisbon 701-683-5152
Grand Forks District
Big Sioux travel Plaza-Grand Forks, I-29 Exit 138  
Icelandic State Park-5 mi W of Cavalier on Hwy 5 701-265-4561
Langdon City Park-Langdon, 1316 7th Street 701-256-2115
Mt. Carmel Dam-9 mi N of Langdon, then 2 mi E, then 2 mi N and then mi E 701-256-3964
Pembina-8 blocks E of Exit #215 in the Fort Daer Recreation area 701-825-6819 or
Schumacher Park-Drayton 701-454-3474
Stamart-Grand Forks, I-29 Exit 141  
Super Pumper-Grand Forks, I-29 Exit 138  
Turtle River-22 mi W of Grand Forks on Hwy 2 701-594-4445
Minot District
Behm's Truck Stop-Minot, 3800 Hwy 2 & 52 W 701-839-5061
Berthold Cenex RV Park 701-453-3641
Berthold Centennial Park 701-453-3541
City of Riverdale-Intersection of 3rd, St & Missouri Dr 701-654-7423
Corner Express Amoco-Minot, 3630 S Broadway 701-837-9163
Econostop Truck Stop-Minot, 1712 20th Ave SE 701-852-0810
Fort Stevenson State Park-3 mi S of Garrison 701-337-5576
Frontier Gardens-Minot, 4901 Hwy 52 SE 701-838-7487
International Peace Garden-13 mi N of Dunseith on Hwy 281 701-263-4390
Indian Hills Resort-Lake Sakakawea  
KOA Campground-Minot, 5261 Hwy 52 E 701-839-7400
Lake Metigoshe State Park-14 mi NE of Bottineau 701-263-4651
North Central Service Heating & Sheet Metal-515 31st Ave SW 701-852-1948
Parshall Bay-Lake Sakakawea  
Riverdale Down Stream Campground 701-654-7440
Roughrider Campground-Minot, 500 54th St NW 701-852-8442
Superpumper East-Minot, 7142 Hwy 2 E 701-852-0094
Turtle Lake City Park 701-448-2596
Van Hook-Lake Sakakawea  
Velva Park & Pool- Velva, 607 1st Ave701-338-2668
Valley City District
Ashtabula Crossing Campground, Carrington, Hwy 281 701-845-2970
Carrington City Park-Carrington, Hwy 281 701-652-6105
Dickey City Park Campground 701-778-5101
Fort Ransom-2 mi N of Fort Ransom 701-973-4331
Williston District
American Legion Park-18 mi S of Williston 701-572-3612
Blacktail Dam-from Jct 2 & 85, 5 mi N, 5mi W, mi N 701-826-4601
Buffalo trails Campground- mi N of Williston 701-572-3206
CCC Campground-Watford City, Hwy 85 S 701-842-2393
Chris Cove-22 mi SE of Williston on Hwy 1804 701-859-4201
Epping-Springbrook Dam-5 mi N of, 11 mi E of Williston  
Fort Buford-23 mi SE of Williston 701-572-9034
Fort Union-24 mi SW of Williston 701-572-9083  
Four Bears Marina-Hwy 23 E, New Town, ND 701-627-2849
Four Bears Park-Lake Sakakawea, 4 mi W on Hwy 23  
Grenora City Park 701-694-3391
Juniper Campground-Watford City, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, N Unit, Hwy 85 S 701-842-2333
Kota Ray County Park 701-568-2204
Lewis & Clark State Park-16 mi E of Williston on Hwy 1804 701-859-3071
Lund's Landing-24 mi E on 1804 701-568-3474
McKenzie Bay-Lake Sakakawea 701-759-3366
New Town Marina-Lake Sakakawea 701-627-3900
Prairie Acres Campground-1 mi W of Williston on Hwy 2 701-572-4860
Ray South Park 701-568-2204
Red Mike Campground-24 mi E of Williston on Hwy 1804 701-568-2600
Tioga City Park 701-664-2563
Tobacco Garden Resort-2 mi E of Watford City on ND 23 & 25 mi NE on Hwy 1806 701-842-6931
Trenton Lake Park 701-572-8316
Watford City Tourist Park 701-444-7665
Wildrose City Park
Woods RV Park-US Hwy 85 & ND 23 E, Watford City, ND 701-444-4120
Williston Public Works Dept-6th St & 8th Ave E

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