How to use 511

511 is FREE and simple to use. Just dial "511" from any telephone in your home, office, or vehicle. If you are calling from out-of-state, dial 1-866-696-3511. Follow the instructions below to get the information you need.

Note: The example below will provide you with the current conditions for I-94 from Dickinson to Bismarck.

Detailed 511 Instructions

Call 511 (if calling from your office, and your organizations uses a PBX system, the PBX system must be programmed to recognize 511 as an outgoing telephone number)

You will hear:

"Welcome to the North Dakota 511 Traveler Information System."

"For North Dakota Highways Press one"
"For South Dakota Highways Press two"
"For Montana Highways Press three"
"For Minnesota Highways Press four"

Press 1

"For route specific information Press 1"
"For regional summary information Press 2"

Press 1

"Enter your Highway number followed by the # (Pound) sign."

Press 94#

"Enter the number corresponding to the segment you are interested in"

Press 2

Listen to the report
"To repeat the last message Press 1"
"To do another road/weather search Press 2"
"To select another segment on this Highway Press 4"
"To leave a question or comment Press 8"
"To end this call Press 9 or simply hang-up."