NDDOT Employee Benefits

In addition to the benefits offered by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (listed below), all employees will also receive the state employee benefit package. To view these benefits, visit Human Resource Management Services state employee benefits.

Approved overtime/comptime

Approved overtime/comptime is paid to regular and probationary employees who work in excess of 40 hours per week. Employees can take overtime in cash, paid at time-and-a-half per hour of overtime worked, or as comptime, awarded at 1 hours for every hour of overtime worked.


Is an alternate work schedule approved by an employee's supervisor, division director, or district engineer. Employees may work an alternative flex schedule as long as service to the public remains available during normal working hours Monday through Friday. Alternative schedules to the 8-hour standard workday are:
Four 10-hour days with schedule starting on Monday or Tuesday and ending no later than Friday.
Four 9-hour days with one 4-hour day.

Training and professional development

Are offered to regular and probationary employees. Programs include in-house training, as well as specialized training provided by institutions, companies, and agencies. Generally, registration fee and expenses are paid.

Training Library

Offers employees an extensive collection of books, tapes, and videos on personal and professional development.

Tuition reimbursement

Up to $10,000 per employee, is available to regular and probationary employees who attend pre-approved undergraduate, graduate, or technical training courses.


are offered to students in engineering, engineering technology, and other related technology fields. Eligible students may receive up to $2,000 per school year and up to $6,000 total, with an expectation of summer and after graduation employment.

Sign on or retention bonus

offered to certain eligible positions. Employee must sign to complete at least 2 years of employment, or payback the amount of bonus attributable to the incomplete period.