Surrender ND Drivers License or Permit

Voluntary surrender of North Dakota Driver's License or Permit

Deciding when to give up driving is probably one of the hardest decisions we all have to face. Driving has been a big part of daily life for many years, and in these times, it represents a freedom that is hard to let go.

However, sometimes not driving is simply the right thing to do. We have a responsibility to one another to make sure we are still completely safe on the roads, and if there is any doubt, to talk to friends, family and physicians about whether to continue driving.

When should someone surrender a Driver’s License/Permit?

Insurance Cost
  • Not able to see clearly anymore
  • Gets confused or lose focus frequently
  • Has a physical impairment
  • No longer drives and would like an improved insurance rate for a spouse
  • No longer owns a vehicle or plan on getting another
  • Instructed by a physician to no longer drive

If I give up driving, what do I use for ID?

North Dakota has a Non-Driver Identification Card.

A non-driver ID card contains the same personal information, photo, signature and special protection against alteration as a driver’s license but may only be used for identification purposes.

The ID card page contains more information.

What if I want to drive again later?

If you voluntarily surrender your driving privileges then decide later on to become relicensed, you will be required to:

  • Submit current medical examination and vision reports
  • Visit a ND Drivers License Site
  • Complete a new application and fee
  • Take and Pass both the written and road tests