Fuel Cost Adjustment Information

The special provision Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause provides for limited increased costs of motor fuels or burner fuels used to perform contract work. Fuel cost adjustments are based on monthly price indexes from a source determined by the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

The Special Provision for September 8, 2006 applies to both motor and burner fuels and participation is not mandatory. The low bidder will be sent a “Fuel Cost Adjustment Affidavit” (SFN 58393) with the proposed contract. The affidavit shall be completed and returned with the signed contract even if the contractor elects not to participate.


Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause Special Provision - September 8, 2006 pdf file
Fuel Cost Averages pdf file
Fuel Cost Adjustment Worksheet Guidance pdf file
Fuel Cost Adjustment Worksheet excel file
Fuel Cost Adjustment Affidavit (SFN 58393) pdf file