DBE Program Staff Contacts

Liaison Officer

Phone: (701) 328-2576
Contact Liaison Officer

Committees (Chair)

  • DBE Unified Certification Board
  • DBE Project Goal Setting
  • DBE Participation Review


  • Developing annual goal
  • Advertising annual goals

Liaison Committee Meetings

  • Determining agenda items

Special Provisions

  • Developing special provisions

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (701) 328-2637
Contact Administrative Assistant

DBE Participation Review

  • Scheduling meetings

Liaison Committee Meetings

  • Processing committee meeting agendas and minutes


  • Distributing DBE directory

Statistical Gathering

  • Bidders list
  • DBE bid opening data

Civil Rights Officer

Phone: (701) 328-3116
Contact Civil Rights Officer

Application Forms and Process

  • Coordinating approval/denial/miscellaneous letters
  • Distributing forms
  • Scheduling/conducting home office reviews
  • Scheduling oral interviews


  • Scheduling Meetings

DBE Participation/Review

  • Gathering/analyzing documentation
  • Presenting analyses to review board
  • Processing/distributing forms


  • Updating DBE directory


  • Processing FHWA quarterly DBE report
  • Tracking contractor and consultant payments to DBE firms

Special Provisions

  • Developing/gathering/analyzing forms
    • Form A (DBE participation)
    • Form B (List of businesses that submitted quotes)
    • Form C (Notification of intent)